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JLSC Services

Healthy Coffee and Tea

We offer small or larger bulk orders for a healthy blend of coffee or tea to serve to employees or to patrons of your business.

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Payment Processing

Whether credit or debit card acceptance, our rates, machines, and/or remote payment processing options are competitive and efficient.

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Payroll Processing

Are you paying too much for payroll processing? We provide a low-cost payroll processing solution with beat-your-current cost gift!

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Text Marketing (SMS)

If you are not using text messaging to communicate with your customers (or your employees), you are missing a huge growth benefit.

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Capital Financing

We have a direct link to a major capital finance vendor for growing businesses that need a monetary boost for varied expansion needs.

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Security Systems

Don't take the security of your employees and facility lightly - we don't. Our first-class security services protect your small business.

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Non-Profit Fundraiser

Non-profits or churches looking for unique and effective fundraisers find that we offer automation of monthly donations.

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Customized Software

We can prototype, write proposals for, and even code your custom in-house web or mobile apps. (Not front-end business advertisng sites.)

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Also ask about our retention-enabler employee benefit services you can offer to employees, such as prepaid cards tied to real checking accounts, credit protection, 24-hour tech support, secure data backup for at-home workers, and even tele-medicine to minimize healthcare cost.

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The meaining of our logo:

JLSC is for Jon Lonon Services & Consulting; the only significant color is the green for "Services" because our goal is to increase your revenue through services that bring value and/or savings; S is the largest letter to represent that we offer quality products and support; the dots on each letter connected by lines from dot-to-dot represents our motto: connecting the dots of success; and the arrows make the process of our engagement a full circle as well as an upward experience for your business!

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