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You are seeing this page because you were approached by Jon Lonon about his products, services, business opportunity, or his unique fundraiser program. Yes, I have a fancier page, but I wanted to simplify the process for you on seeing some key items!

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Healthy Coffee and Tea

We offer small, or larger bulk orders for a healthy blend of coffee or tea to enjoy at home or serve to employees or to business patrons.

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Cutting the cord is no longer a catch-phrase. People are saving money by using Internet TV. But why not get a large selection of channels absolutely FREE!

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Credit Restoration

Did you know it is possible to restore damaged credit! Yes, it may take several months, but you want to have proven systems and counselors on your side.

Find out how Jon can help!

Identity Protection

Identity theft is a growing challenge. It is obvious that you don't have time to keep an eye on all of your critical personal information. Here is a solution!

Protect Your Identity Now!

Text Marketing

If you are not using text messaging to communicate with your customers (or your employees), you are missing a huge growth benefit. Refer this to a business that you know has a great service!

This service helped Jon build his business via effective team touch!

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Security Systems

Don't take the security of your home, staff, and/or possessions lightly - we don't. Our top-notch security systems & monitoring services protect your home or business.

Jon uses this service and has been pleased in every respect!

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Non-Profit Fundraiser

That's right! Non-profits or churches that are looking for unique and effective fundraisers find that we offer automation of monthly donations!

If you or your business is a supporter of causes, this is another way to infuse dollars!

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Build Your Legacy!

Maybe you have a dream or passion and you have been looking for a way to make connections and fuel it...we have an all-around winner!

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Mom's Check This Out!

You can also find about other services we may have talked about such as payment processing; prepaid cards tied to real checking accounts and a coupon clipping service; credit protection; 24-hour tech support; secure data backup for at-home workers; hemp-derived CBD products for pain reduction, stress relief, energy boosts, or performance sports drinks; & even tele-medicine for individuals or families to lower healthcare cost. We'll stop there, but there are more ways to benefit and save!

A bonus peek at testimonies about our hemp-derived CBD products that have given Jon and others pain relief and new energy!

You can order at the link above or email if you want to pre-order a small sample of the pain rub!


The meaining of our logo:

JLSC is for Jon Lonon Services & Consulting; the only significant color is the green for "Services" because our goal is to increase your revenue through services that bring value and/or savings; S is the largest letter to represent that we offer quality products and support; the dots on each letter connected by lines from dot-to-dot represents our motto: connecting the dots of success; and the arrows make the process of our engagement a full circle as well as an upward experience for your business!

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